Welcome to My Blog

Hi!  I’m writing this letter for teachers, librarians, writers, want-to-be writers, but most of all, for my readers.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by.

I’m ashamed that it’s taken me so long to create this update—my last letter mentioned that it was 2013! That’s not good, but I do have a good excuse.  (Sound familiar?)  The truth is, I’ve been busy—very, very busy.  I’ve written a couple of books, and am working on two more.  Someone I loved very much was  sick, and I needed to take care of him.  The cat (one of them) ran away.  Then the other one died.  I said I had a good excuse—maybe more than one.  But now the 2015-2016 school year has begun, and I’ve got to get going, too.

If you’ve stumbled upon the site by accident, or know little about me, I should state up front that I’m a writer who loves to tell stories.  I’ve written two novels, but most of my books are nonfiction.  Why nonfiction?  I’ve thought about it and decided I love writing nonfiction because in my heart of hearts, I’m a frustrated teacher.  I love explaining how things work to young readers. I’m not talking about a can opener.  I’m talking about a space mission, or a solar system, or an entire economy.  That sounds like it could be boring, doesn’t it?  But I told you, I love to tell stories, and my nonfiction books tell stories, with people in them--people who say things, feel things, and wonder and worry about what’s going to happen next—just like the characters in a piece of fiction.  It makes me happy when reviewers make comments like, “Even though I knew what the ending was, I kept turning the pages.”  And of course it makes me veryhappy when there is a “star” by the review.  Who doesn’t like to get stars—right?

There will be two new books in 2016.  Our Moon: New Discoveries About Earth’s Closest Companion (Clarion, February 16)  and Dollars and Sense: A Kid’s Guide to Using—Not Losing—Money (Charlesbridge, Spring 2016.)

And then there are two more that I am working on right now.  One is about the New Horizons mission that whizzed past Pluto on July 14, 2016.  It’s called To Pluto and Beyond: The Amazing Voyage of New Horizons.  We’re waiting for all the science to be analyzed, but I imagine its publisher, Viking, could publish as early as Fall, 2016.  And there is another book coming from Viking—one that will be very different for me—that I am eager to begin working on.  But its subject is still a secret, so you’ll just have to come back here in a few months and see what it is!

There has been sadness over the past two years for me and my family, but I’ve learned something important that I want to share.  Sadness can be bearable, if you take the time to remember everything that you are grateful for.  I am grateful to be able to write books that boys and girls like to read, and I am grateful that you read this letter.  Come back soon!